Giving students Time to collaborate

My students are working on their second collaborative project for this school year. We learned so much from the first project and the student feedback, especially about having time to collaborate. Students wanted independence in their first project and said they wanted to work out their own communication. Their feedback after the Holiday Concert was that I was hard to coordinate time with each other amidst their busy schedules. They still got the tasks complete but with difficulty. For our second collaborative project, I secured time from my administration for student collaborative meetings. This has taken some of the pressure off my students and made it somewhat easier to accomplish tasks, work together and communicate. Students have commented that it is easier to accomplish tasks because of the facilitated meeting times.

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Yahoo! Year 4!

Year 4 begins-who is in?…

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I MisS BloGgIng… What?!?!

I’ve decided that I need to start blogging more. I’m not sure if it’s going to happen this week. SoOn. The other day I thought I saw Diane Ader while eating pizza in Greensburg. I got excited for nothing. It wasn’t her. haha… I miss you ladies. I hopw you’re having a wonderful summer. <3Orange Cig.

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Love this…love orange…love school with tech!

I spent the end of June attending the International Society for Technology in Education conference in Philadelphia.  What a potpourri of resources!  I am still digesting -several weeks later.  I thought of all of Orange CIG when I saw this video though, what a great testimony for the power of technology in our classrooms!  Just had to share.   More ISTE news to come!

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Anatomy of a Mash Up

For all you music educators out there, check out this excellent video that breaks down a good mash up- what a resource!

I wish I could claim credit for finding it, but it was found by my friend Ken Bolinsky, Theatre educator extraordinaire.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Hi all! Just ran across this blog and thought it sounded interesting. I’m adding it to my list. The Talent Code

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Hooray for Collaboration!

Jessica, are you reading this? I just created a Google doc with a list of music that I would like to get for next year. I’m sending it through Google Docs to some other directors in the area so we can all share our “wish lists” and maybe even borrow some music from each other. It’s hard to say what kind of budgets we will have next year, so hopefully this will be a way to help. Here is the link: Music for next year

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