Here is what I learned

stairwell singing

As I stood in the stage right wing watching my concert choir, I felt so much pride. They were being conducted by a student, beginning pitches were given by a student. They were being their own accompaniment in some really cool music making songs. Here are the same students who just wanted the easy songs and the CD accompaniments. I wanted my students to want to take on harder music and then enjoy the process of learning and creating and making each piece into a work of art. As they became part of the creative problem solving part of learning they learn it so much faster and more effective. Technology helps level the playing field in learning the music. My job is easier the more I have my students collaborate and communicate while learning our music and making them pieces of art. The biggest lesson that my students and I learned this year is that listening is the most important part of the creative process. I learned to listen to them, their ideas, and their solutions. They even took on the final polishing and conducting for their best number in their show. They truly learned the 21st century skills through the medium of music and found success.

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